More Benefits for Cloud Optimisation Engine

Scheduled Reporting and Alerts – Impose cloud governance and promote accountability within your organization by scheduling reports to be sent on a regular basis to a custom distribution list. Control your cloud by setting alerts that are pushed to users as usage and costs approach or breach pre-determined thresholds.

Export to CSV and PDF – Create data outputs to be easily ingested into external resources (ERP or Cost management systems) with just a few clicks

Customisable Dashboards – Create relevant dashboards in seconds, highlighting only what’s relevant to each user upfront at login.

Hierarchical Entity Management – A self-service enterprise portal in the platform, which enables the configuration of multiple cost entities and sub-entities in an N-level hierarchy. Cloud accounts are attributed to their corresponding cost entities and can be ported between entities with a simple drag and drop operation. Enterprise cost entity hierarchy can be configured in a matter of minutes, and further additions or changes to the structure are easily done through a user-friendly GUI.

Cost Allocation Modelling – Create cost allocation models for different views of cost distribution. Use flexible business rules to attribute cost of unstageable AWS resources (i.e. Data Transfer, Reserved Instances) for comprehensive chargeback and showback.

Tag manager – It provides users the freedom to create their own unique categories for effective measuring and reporting that is in line with business practics. Further, by allowing management of categories and tagging across multiple deployments within the platform, users can easily regulate and categorize inconsistent tagging (i.e. typos and other discrepancies) and automatically detect untagged resources for accurate cost attribution.

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