Westcon-Comstor: Value-Added Services for AWS

Simplified Invoicing

Billing can be complex when it comes to cloud computing. We simplified the invoices with details itemised information. We provide local currency and credit facilities to our partners. You can now focus on giving the right solution and services to your customer with our services to provide the billing promptly.

Cloud Optimisation

The Cloud Optimization Engine provides a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of cloud usage and cost across multiple accounts and vendors, with actionable recommendations to improve efficiency, cut costs and enhance performance. Empower financial and technical teams with visibility, self-services reporting and forecasting with a comprehensive future roadmap of customer driven features. Trials and proof of concepts available and can be setup with no disruption to cloud services.

Benefits for Cloud Optimisation Engine

One powerful console for all clouds – Obtain a holistic view of your cloud deployment over multiple vendors, granting a high level view of usage, costs and optimization options.

Asset management – View your entire deployment’s lifecycle, from instance usage segments, performance and utilization to detailed metadata, tags, instance types and attached storage volumes. Get an aggregated view of your whole deployment or drill down to and set up reports for single instance.

Cost management – Get a granular breakdown of your costs by any native metadata parameters: Service, provider, region, instance types and more. Identify main cost drivers and receive insights on projected costs for the month or year. Map trends and enable financial teams to interrogate billing without aid from technical teams or the need for specialist scripts or additional tools.

Optimizer – The platform monitors your deployment over time and provides optimization recommendations for maintaining the most efficient deployment – cost- and performance-wise. Key outcomes include reduced storage inefficiencies, Right Sizing of EC2 and RDS instances and RI recommendations and analysis.