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The Services of Google Cloud Platform

Google has developed its cloud platform called Google Cloud Platform (GCP) into one of the leading public cloud computing service providers today. As the name goes, GCP is a public cloud computing service provider offering a collection of Google’s computing resources.

Google Cloud PlatformAs a public cloud computing service provider, GCP offers over 50 services including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) in the categories of Big Data, Compute, Networking, Storage & Databases, Machine Learning, Identity & Security, and Management & Developer tools.

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The core cloud computing services in the Google Cloud Platform include:

  • Google Compute Engine: The infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that provides a scalable number of virtual machine (VM) for workload hosting.
  • Google App Engine: A platform as a service (PaaS) that gives Web app developers access to Google’s scalable hosting.
  • Google Cloud Storage: A public cloud storage platform designed to store large, unstructured data sets.
  • Google Container Engine: Based on Kubernetes, Google Container Engine is a management and orchestration system for Docker container and container clusters that run within Google’s public cloud services
  • Google Cloud Dataflow: A data processing service designed for analytics, extract transform and load (ETL) and real-time computational projects. Google Cloud Dataproc, which offers Apache Spark and Hadoop services for big data processing, is also included.
  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub: It is a real-time and well-managed messaging service that enables the exchange of messages between applications.

In short, the platform offers a wide range of hosted services for compute, storage as well as application development. The Google Cloud Platform service is accessible over the public Internet or through a dedicated network connection by software developers and IT professionals.

Why Choose Google Cloud Platform

Launched in 2011, Google Cloud Platform offers a scalable range of services that enable developers to build, test and deploy applications to meet their business needs. The highly customizable virtual machines with great features, the pay-as-you-go billing method and so on are among the good features that attract users. In addition, service like the Google App Engine has gained traction as the flexible platform-as-a-service that lets users focus on their code, freeing them from the operational details of deployment and infrastructure management. In fact, Google is rising as the leader in the public cloud space with their enhanced technology.